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Price List

FROM 01ST JAN 2019 


All charges are levied from arrival date, up to and inclusive of the departure date.


Included in our daily charge: Food, Bedding, Heating, Exercise and administration of basic medications. Any complex

medication regime or injections will incur a small charge.

We do not add VAT or charge any extras to the prices quoted below. 


Small & Medium = £ 12:00)

Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahua, Min. Pin., Mini 
Dachshunds, poms, Dachshunds 

Cockers, Cavalier King charles, Spaniels, Springers, Staffies, Bulldogs etc. 


Large & Giant =  £ 13:00 )

Labrador, Vizsla, Golden Retriever, Setters, Collies, English Bull Terriers,

Gsd Rottweiler, Old English Sheepdog, Dobermann 

Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Mastiffs, 


All mixed breeds will be assessed on arrival in relation to the above sizes

10 % Discount will be given for two or more dogs sharing owned by the same owner.

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