About Us

Our Kennels

Our Brick kennel block is 2100 Sq ft and is fully insulated and benefits from thermostatically controlled underfloor heating.


Our kennels are designed to have 3 zones, this in effect means that moving in and out of zone 1 will not affect or disturb 

our guests in zone 2 and 3. This considerably reduces barking, and aids in creating a relaxing atmosphere for the dogs which 

in turn reduces their stress levels. 


The entire kennel block has non slip tiles which are steam cleaned daily. We prefer steam as this kills more bacteria than 

washing and avoids a damp atmosphere that hosing down kennels can bring. 


Bedding for your pet will be VETBED, although you are more than welcome to bring bedding from home to help settle your pet. 


There are 20 windows (toughened Glass) to ensure there is plenty of natural light. 


Our kennels are a minimum of 80 Sq ft per run , This ensures our guests have adequate room both inside and outside. 


All of our outdoor runs are covered, and we exceed the latest legislation (2018), all runs are seperated by partitions to aid in a peaceful environment.


We have state of the art CCTV recording 24hrs a day and Alarms for the security of your pets while they board with us. 


Backround music and nightlights ensure our boarders stay calm and relaxed.

We have a 2 acre site and a 1 acre secure paddock where are guests can free run each day. 


All dogs are exercised individually (except dogs from the same family) daily in the grassed paddock. 

“We travel over 2 hours to use these kennels as they are fantastic and the staff are  amazing"  ​

Bill Worthington, Duke's owner


“Simply the best, if we can book in here we don't go on holiday."  ​

Julia Reynolds, Monty's owner